2017 Alta Partners Tournament  
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Name Last,First Team Nickname
Misch, Gary G-Man
Altieri, Marcie PA Chick Picks
B 3 B 3 bombers
Backus, Rita Shamrock1
Balawender, Kathy Hyper Typers
Balawender, Kathy (2) Did you blink?
Banna, Layali Rangers
Beckwith, Bruce Southern Hospitality
Berry, Tim Promo
Blackburn, John Pickin winners
Blackburn, Johnny JOHNNY'S CATS
Bovia Rhonda Marvolus
Brickner, Mike send it in Jerome
Buit, Austin 50 Shades of Grayson Allen
Buit, Tim TBH
Byczek, Ron RONBO
Byczek, Sharon Rons Better Half
Byrnes, Dave Gator Baits
Byrnes, Paulette Lady Las Vegas
Byrnes, Rick (2) RICK'S PICKS
Cheek, Ryan Too Much Work
Cindrich, Dave Non-ball Watchers
Cohoon, Eric March Badness
Connor, Bill Mulligan
Connor, Michael LPC
Connor, Tim TC1
Connor, Tim (2) TC2
Dalton, Jennifer Dalton
Dea, Lynn LuckyLynny
Dea, Mike Smoky
Dea, Murray Furry Murray
Degrandis, Fred Fred
DeGrandis, Fred (2) FMD
DeGrandis, Lissette #hopeIwinagain
DeGrandis, Sofia Sofie Bear
Dessoffy, Clare Clare bear
Dessoffy, Michael Big Mike
Deveny, Cliff backinakron
DiStaulo, Chuck Chuck 1
DiStaulo, Chuck (2) Chuck 2
DiStaulo, Chuck (3) Chuck 3
Doggett, Barry Mac's Marauders
Erhard, Gregory PPPCP
Evanko-Popovic, Angela Team YaYa
Farrell, Ellen Team Redundancy Team
Farrell, Laura Throwing Bricks
Fintz, DIck JRF
Gallo, Chuck DIYOGA
Gilchrist, Austin The CLEVErs
Gleeson, Robert Hyperboles
Gleeson, Robert (2) Specious Hyperbole
Goetchius, Vickie Madam Butterfly
Gray, Barb Blind Draw
Hall, Vickie Vic-Tory
Harper, AJ Iron City
Haydoo, Nancy High Rollers
Hearns, Jim yukoncornelius
Himmel, Brian B Himmel
Himmel, Dylan Dylan
Hoogwerf II, Byron Gophers #1
Hoogwerf II, Byron (2) Gophers
Hoogwerf, Byron Byron Hoogwerf, the elder Pick 1
Hoogwerf, Byron (2) Byron Hoogwerf, the elder pick 2
Hoogwerf, Byron (3) Byron Hoogwerf, the elder pick 3
Howenstine, Mike Howie ND
Howenstine, Mike (2) Howie 2
Jach, Michale Beaver
Jira, Jay Iggies
Jira, Marilyn Dribbles
Kampman, Jeff My Bracket Is Bleeding
Kasmarcak, Cheryl ?
Kasmarcak, Dan Bubble Team
Kasmarcak, Luke Kasmarcakl52champs
Kasmarcak, Stan The Mighty Mustangs
Kasmarcak, Tyler tyler_kaz
Kenyon, Brian Bubz
Kenyon, Joe Bracket Buster
Kissinger, Dianne KISSES PICKS
Kissinger, Tom Amateur
Kovacs, Jeff Kovacs, Jeff
La Porta, Ann-Marie Dream4It
La Porta, Ann-marie (2) Wish4It
Lapsevich, Mary Filbert Nut
Linfante, Austin Austin's Crossed Fingers
Lovette, Chris FearTheRoo
Lutz, Mike Maybe This is the Year?
Mackay, Grant Mackay
Malaney, Scott Shooters
Martin, Paul AGP1
Martin, Paul (2) AGP2
Marvar, Raymond Ray J
Marvar, Raymond (2) NC Double Ray
Maust, Tami Cruisin
McConahy, Erich Obama tapped my bracket
Michelakis, Carla The Nuggets
Michelakis, Mike Last Minute Picks
Monda, Jack Monda1
Monda, Jackson Bearcats
Moxley, Maureen Luck O' The Irish
Musselwhite, Charlie Kinda blue
Negulescu, Brad Brad Rules
Negulescu, Jennifer none
Negulescu, Maureen Iwannawin
Nock, Steve SJN66
Parrington, Mark Dad & Daughter
Parrington, Shannon Daughter & Dad
Parthemore, Chris Falcons
Parthemore, Ron Falcons2
Peregord, Brian & Tyler Chicken Nuggets
Reddy, Ted FastReddy
Reed, Mary Gateway Crashers
Ridenour, Rhonda Avita
Ritchie, Brady Brady's Bracket Busters
Ritchie, Neal Iroquois
Ritchie, Shannan This IS next year!
Rocco, Matt Italian Stallions
Ruch, Mary Ellen ?
Ruch, Roger Zags since no Buckeyes
Schmitz, Lynda LCS
Setlock, Martha The Locks
Shadowens Karen Shadowens Superstars
Shadowens, Robin Go Blue Rooster
Shafran, Ian Ian's Bracket
Shafran, Norm collect1
Shave, Cheryl Team Shave
Siddell, Edward EGSI Financial
Siddell, Edward (2) EGSI Financial
Skye, Alan AVS
Stanitz, Paul Gateway Crashers
Stephens, Ben BenS
Stutler, Mark hlthcareprovider@sbcglobal.net
Tadrous, Nicholas Platinum Eagle
Thrasher, Brad Marauders
Thrasher, Tess Vikings
Vance, Tricia Just Guess'n
Wagner, Lisa Wags
Warren, Ward Grayson Is Trippin
Weigand, Haley midwest nomad
Weigand, Tom Annual Loser
Williams, Justin JWill
Zupancic,Kevin Miasis Dragon

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